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Reducing the Cost of Solar Power – 10% Savings Using New Solar Inverter Design

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When we think about reducing the cost of solar energy to help drive a more wide spread adoption of the technology we tend to focus on the efficiency of the panels themselves but a California Firm called Array Power has a new solar inverter that reduces losses in DC to AC power conversion resulting in savings of 10%. Solar arrays output DC power but that power has to be converted to AC to allow it to be fed back into the power grid and the home or business. In some installations all of the solar panels feed into a single large inverter (Residential Solar Inverter Video) and in others the inverters, called micro-inverters are attached to each panel. The Array Power solution utilizes inverters on each panel but a unique design that is different for current micro inverters. This is important because energy is lost in the conversion process as well in the transmission process. As all of the solar components improve, the overall cost per KWH generated declines. To read more visit MIT’s Technology Review publication:

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