Eternal Hybrid Water Heater (video)

Eternal Hybrid Water Heater

What is a hybrid water heater? Well, it’s a combination of tankless hot water on demand heating technology combined with a small tank. Why would this combination make sense? Hybrid water heaters and tankless¬† water heaters both provide an unlimited supply of hot water and in both cases a single unit can support an entire home. A Hybrid hot water heater requires less retrofit work when installing it in a new home. It can utilize an existing half inch gas supply line as well as the existing vent for a standard gas hot water tank. A tankless installation requires a larger gas supply line as well as special venting to handle the higher gas burn rate. In the video below Paul Home of Eternal hybrid water heaters talks about how the technology works and shows us their brand new line of larger units with a 20 gal tank and higher BTU ratings:

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